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new site [Dec. 29th, 2005|01:54 pm]
i doubt anyone really looks at this anymore. but in case you do, and you want to stay in contact with me, i have a new LJ site. It is www.livejournal.com/~xstoriesxx I really wanna hear from you. ;]
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Wet Dreams [Apr. 17th, 2005|08:38 am]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |~*~UnderOath - I Dont Feel Very Receptive Today~*~]

-- I had two wet dreams last night. I must have been hornier than i had thought.

--Wet Dream #1
I was throwing a party at a local store. I had invited several of my friends, and they invited some of their close friends. That was were i saw her. The hottest woman ever. She was a latina, with her awesome curves leading down to her awesome butt. She walked over to me and we began to talk. After about 15 minutes of talking, she took me into a small room and removed her pants. She stared at me, and then fell back onto the bed behind her. She rubbed her breasts and stared directly into my eyes. I crawled over to her, and began to lick her pussy. I licked it up and down, and then reached up and rubbed her nipples as i licked her. I could hear her moaning in my ear, as i licked faster, and harder, against her clit. I could feel her juices oozing out of her pussy, and onto my face. I smiled as i licked her clit harder and harder, until she came all over my face.

--Wet Dream #2
This wet dream includes Christine Young. If you dont know who she is, then go to http://www.christineyoung.com/php/home.php. She is an awesome girl. I love watching her videos. Well anyways. She lead me down stair of her house, and then out to the back yard. She jumped onto her tampoline, and i followed her on. She stared at me as i watched her breasts bounce up and down as she jumped. She jumped at me and began to kiss me. I kissed her back and reached down and began to rub her pussy through her short skirt she had on. She broke off the kiss and then leaned back. She told me to eat her out, but leave the skirt on. I did so, i jumped over to her and began eating her out. Sliding my tongue all over her pussy, and then began to tongue fuck her hard. She wasnt going to cum this easily, so i slid my pants off, and she pushed me down and began to ride my cock. She moved back and forth against my cock hard and fast. It felt so nice, i rubbed her ass and slapped it as she grinded against my cock harder. The trampoline absorbed the bouncing, and made her grind harder against my throbbing cock inside of her pussy. She screamed, "I'm cumming!" as soon as i felt her juices flowing onto my cock. I exhaled sharply and shot a thick load of cum deep into her pussy as i felt her juices run down the shaft of my cock.

--So many good dreams... It was a an awesome night.
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Back [Apr. 16th, 2005|10:24 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |~*~Armor For Sleep - Walking At Night, Alone~*~]

Sorry i had been away for a small amount of time. I was searching around for job opportunities. Well, im back now, and im going to add some people to this livejournal, and to my instant messengers. Maybe even add some phone numbers. See you soon.
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Friends [Apr. 12th, 2005|06:37 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |~*~UnderOath - When The Sun Sleeps~*~]

-- I have made some more friends, but i would still love to have more. I dont have a phone sex partner yet, but thats fine i guess. I have had cyber sex twice since i started this live journal. I was doing way better with xanga. But those get shut down for the stupidest things so i made a live journal. I love making more friends on the internet. So if anyone wants to come by and IM me, then i would be more than happy to chat with you all.
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Bored And Hard As A Rock [Apr. 11th, 2005|07:57 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |~*~My Chemical Romance - To The End~*~]

-->Im so bored right now. My cock is throbbing in my pants right now, and i have no one to help me with it. I might have to go into the backroom. I want to have phone sex with someone. Any woman that would be willing to. Im soo horny, this is the horniest i have ever been in my life i think. This entry is going into the memory pile. hahaha! Remember you can all reach me on YAHOO and AIM with the screen name of CyBeRfUN4GiRlS69. And another reminder, just because my screen name says girls, doesnt mean im an actual girl! IM A GUY! A guy!!! Hence the throbbing cock!
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Cyber Session #2 [Apr. 11th, 2005|04:39 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |~*~Senses Fail - Bite To Break Skin~*~]

--- This cyber session got delayed. The girl wanted me to fuck her in the ass hard, and then she wanted to hear me moan in her ear. Um, yeah, This is all me typing here. It was kinda a one person thing. I dunno, no co-operation here. So,anyways, i hope you like this.. It's not my best, but, it'll do for now.

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i lie you down on the bed and begin to kiss you passionately. Each second my tongue gets closer to entering your mouth and exploring. My tongue enters your mouth and slowly, and gently massages itself against yours

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i run my hands up and down your back as we kiss passionately. My hands drop down from your back onto your butt, and massage your butt gently.

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: I break off the kissing slowly and move down, kissing along your cheek and to your chin, down to your neck

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: I slide the tip of my tongue against the skin of your neck. After running my tongue against your neck, i close my mouth around a circular section of your neck and begin to suck on it, as my hands rise up through your shirt to your breasts

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i squeeze your breasts, and rub the palm of my hands against each of your nipples. As i feel your nipples harden against my hands, i bite onto your neck and tug on the skin

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: My thumb rubs around your nipples in a circular motion as i begin kissing and nibbling on your shoulder. I grab the rim of your shirt and lift it up above your head and toss it to the side.

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: I move down more and begin to kiss around your nipples, slowly sliding my hand into your pants, and rubbing your pussy softly

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i suck on your nipples hard as i rub you faster. I can hear your breathing above me and i can feel your hands on the back of my head. I nibble onto your nipple and tug on it, as i slide a finger into your pussy

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: My finger slides slowly in and out of your pussy. I can feel the moisture around my hand and finger. Using the moisture of your pussy i slide my finger in and out of you faster

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: I bite harder onto your nipples as i finger you. My free hand is on your arching back, rubbing up and down your spine, sending you chills your way

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: I slide my finger out of you and then unbutton your pants, and slide them down over your knees. I stop biting onto your nipples and then slide down to your pussy. I stick my tongue out slowly and gently slide it against your pussy lips

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i slide them up the length of your pussy lips and then back down. I then slide my tongue further into you and then suck on your pussy lips.

CyBeRfUN4GiRlS69:I slide my tongue inside of you and begin to lick your clit left and right. I tongue flicks against your clit hard, and then pushes it into my mouth. As it lie in my mouth, i begin to suck on it, and then nibble on it. Squeezing it inbetween my teeth.

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i take my tongue out of you and then unzip my pants, showing my throbbing cock waiting to get inside of you. i slide down my pants, and crawl over to your body

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i slowly slide my cock into your tight pussy, and gently rub the head of the cock against your clit

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: The shaft throbs hard against your pussy walls, stretching your pussy open, little by little. I grasp onto your hips and begin to pull your hips in as i thrust

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: our hips collide and make a slapping noise as my cock fully enters you

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i pull you in harder as i force my cock into your tight pussy harder and harder

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: the motion becomes faster, as the bed begins to rock with us. I squeeze onto your ass and pull you in faster

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: I then slide my cock out and flip you over. I gently toy with your asshole and then spread it open as i slide my cock inside

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: my cock pounds its way into your tight asshole, as your face buries into the covers

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i reach over and grab your hair as i lean my head back and force my cock into you harder and faster

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: Each time my cock enters you, it moves in further, further into your asshole

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: i reach up with my free hand and slap your ass as i fuck you in the ass.

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: After spanking you while ass fucking you, i reach under you and begin to finger your pussy
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CYBER SESSION #1 [Apr. 10th, 2005|08:59 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *pushes you down onto your bed and stands above you* Do you like it when people bite onto your neck?

HER: uh-huh

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *kneels over your body and bites onto your neck in random places* Do you like that?

HER: yup

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *licks up your neck to your chin and then kisses around your lips*

HER: mmm

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i flick my tongue against your upper lip and then nibble on your lower lip while staring into your eyes*

HER: i smile and rub ur back

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i kiss your cheek and around your ear, then beginning to nibble on your ear lobe while lowering my hand down your body, gently stroking your pussy*

HER: i moan alittle as i feel ur touch

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *my index finger is stretched out along your pussy, inbetween your lips and slowly moving back and forth as i kiss you all over and down your neck*

HER: i moan more and breath heavier

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i tug on the skin of your neck and unzip my pants, letting the head of my cock poke out of my pants. I then reach down and unzip and unbutton your pants and slide them down. My cock begins to throb against your pussy*

HER: i push my hips against u as io feel ur cock, beging for u to enter me

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i move my hips up and down slowly, the head of my cock rubbing softly against your pussy lips. I then hold onto your sides and forcefully push my cock into your tight pussy*

HER: i let out a soft moan as i feel u final enter me

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i begin to push and pull my cock in and out of your slowly, gaining a rhythem, and then moving faster and faster, moving my cock around in circles in your pussy hitting your clit everytime i enter you*

HER: i moan louder as i push my hips to meet urs

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i pull your hips to mine, making a clapping sound as our hips collide, pushing my cock as far into your pussy as i can reach*

HER: i moan louder and louder, as i feel the moment approaching

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i can feel the cum rising through my cock as i begin to pound your pussy harder and faster. I clutch onto your side harder as the cum rises through the shaft more and more ready to explode inside of you*

HER: i moan and scream, feeling my juices as they flow out, forcing my body to shake in orgasm

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i pound faster and harder feeling the cum begin to shoot from my cock deep into your pussy. I can feel your juices flooding your pussy and running down the shaft of my cock as it lie inside of you*

HER: i let out a gasp for air, as my body calms down

CyBeRfUN4GiRls69: *i squeeze your sides and lie on top of you, my cock still inside of your pussy as i lick and kiss your neck*
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First Post [Apr. 10th, 2005|08:16 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |~*~Senses Fail - Angela Baker And My Obsession With Fire~*~]

Well im here for my first post. I dont have anything to write about right now, but im going to go on a cyber spree, and post every cyber session i have, on this livejournal so you can all have a pleasurable experience like me.
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